Time Management and Self–Control Popular Contestant Aili of Super Speaker Gave New Oriental Public Lecture at YNNU
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On the evening of March 22, Aili (NurAili·A Bliz), the most popular contestant of Super Speaker and Let’s Talk, as well as the youngest speaker and trainer of New Oriental, came to the West Campus Stadium on our Chenggong main campus, bringing a large public lecture of New Oriental themed "Time Management and Self-Control" for over 3000 students. Chen Yulin and Wu Yun, deputy secretary of School Communist Youth League, attended the lecture.

From Urumqi, Xinjiang, Aili ranked the second of the Teacher’s Group of 2010 "CCTV Star of Hope" English speech contest, “Beijing University English Host Contest” and “Beijing Olympic English Speech Contest”. He is also a popular teacher of Beijing New Oriental and the founder of “34 Gold Coins Time Management”. During his college years, Aili was actively involved in community activities, and served as the president of English Culture Exchange Association (ECCA), an association with a long history at Peking University. In 2014, he participated in a TV show (AHTV) named Super Speaker and won the favor of all instructors with a wonderful speech within limited time. In the same year, he made it to the top five in a debate TV show named Let’s Talk (iQIYI). In the second season of 2015 Let’s Talk, as one of the debaters, he was loved by audiences.

Mr. Aili started the lecture by mentioning the lavender slope of our school in a humorous and natural way. He told the students that one must have confidence, and only with confidence can they tap their potential. He also said that one needs to learn self-control and constantly sharpen their ability, so that every drop of sweat will become the source of their progress.

His speech focused on “Four Years of Exploration in University". He believed that university life consisted of four stages – the first year: explore the way; the second year: hit the road; the third year: push on with our journey; and the fourth year: find a way out. He thought that on the journey of university, we needed to explore progressively to find our real interest, and learn to use tools to enrich our university life.

He said that a person's value depended on the average value of the five people closest to him/her. We needed to advance with partners, and the key to success lies in your “travelling companions”. He stressed that we must stay focused with a clear goal, which is the only way to succeed. Aili told the students that success comes at a cost – no pains, no gains. He said that he hoped everyone can be steadfast and unremitting, and have a bright future.

At the end of the lecture, Yunnan New Oriental presented awards to 10 students who had been admitted by grad schools with excellent English scores, while encouraging all students to work hard. The award winners shared their experiences and methods of English learning.

The humorous and passionate lecture gave students valuable insight into college life and profound inspiration. Aili finished his wonderful speech to applause and laughter.

(Written by Zhang Jiutian, Ma Zhe and photo by Su Yue, Kang Ruisheng, reporters of The Propaganda Department of School Communist Youth League)

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