“Wind Music Flying for Youth Day” —An Impressive Concert for Youth Day Held at YNNU
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To celebrate 2016 Youth Day Festival, a wind music concert, organized by the school Communist Youth League and co-organized by student art group, was held in the studio of the School of Music and Dance on our Chenggong main campus on the evening of April 28. "Breeze", a Yunnan accordion band, was invited to present a wonderful performance. Ms. Liu Ying, secretary of the school Communist Youth League, as well as Ms. Wu Yun, deputy secretary of the school Communist Youth League attended the concert with wind music lovers.

The concert drew the curtain with the fresh and bright wind ensemble of Good News from Beijing Spreads to Borderland. The music was sonorous and powerful with strong ethnic flavor and local touch. Later, the affectionate interpretation of Girls We Chased After in Those Years by our Students Orchestra enveloped and intoxicated the audiences, reminding them of their own youth time. Under the baton of Liu Dong, the Orchestra played The Eagle's Triumph, The Moon Represents My Heart, and King Authur, Sintel's list, Csardas, Evening Primrose, Tritsch-Tratsch, Polka schnell, Second Waltz and other classic wind music – all had a distinctive style. The melodious melodies and sprightly rhythm expressed their love of life. Later, under the baton of Liao Yixuan from "Breeze", the orchestra played Angel Amélie, an ensemble and Light and Shadow, a duet with strong local ethnic flavor. At the end of concert, audiences sang China Communist Youth to the accompaniment of the instruments. The concert ended with impassioned chorus.

The concert brought an auditory feast to our teachers and students, showing the vigorousness and an enterprising spirit of our young students and their hope for the future.

Founded in 2008, the Student Orchestra of Yunnan Normal University was a students’ organization under the Communist Youth League of our school. The Orchestra has participated in a variety of large-scale performances in Yunnan province and school-wide cultural and artistic activities, it also undertakes the task of "Introducing Classic Art into Campus" commissioned by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education, and enjoys a good reputation among audiences. The conductor of the Orchestra is Mr. Liu Dong. "Breeze", Yunnan Provincial Accordion Institute, was established in 2013. Its president Yao Jibai is a famous medicine expert, and its members were from different walks of life. Over the years, it has been facilitating the development and promotion of accordion in Yunnan province, and has successfully held many accordion concerts in colleges and universities. In 2014, it won the Gold Award in the Chamber Music of the Horner Cup competition. Ms. Liao Yixuan was the conductor of that award-winning performance.

(Written by Tang Xuemei, Zhang Yunfeng, Guo Jin, Chen Yi, and photo by Ma Ruishan, Fan Mengyao, reporters of The Propaganda Department of School Communist Youth League)

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