The Charming Ballet, the Dancing YNNU | National Ballet of China Staged a Wonderful Performance at YNNU
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On the evening of June 15th, 2016, all lights were lit up and all seats were occupied in the #5 Mingde Building on our Chenggong main campus. Teachers and students came to enjoy the wonderful performance staged by the National Ballet of China. Themed “Introducing Classic Art into Campus”, the show was organized by the Communist Youth League. Wang Jianghong, the Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Culture and Yuan Yichuan, Vice-president of our school attended the show.

Before the show started, Mr. Yuan presented a commemorative gift to the Central Ballet. The Ballet performance consisted of four parts: brief introduction to the history of ballet, in-class demonstration, interaction with audiences and ballet performance. Then it was started with an elegant performance named PAS DE QUATRE. Cao Shuci, main actress of Central Ballet and national top-level actress, introduced the development of ballet in China and in the world. Then Cao Shuci taught dancers some ballet moves and explained every detail. They also demonstrated some basic skills such as Sautes, Arabesque and Control. In the interactive session, our students learned some basic moves like hand position and foot position under the guidance of professional dancers.

The dancers performed some classic ballets, such as the second episode of Swan Lake, Pas De Quatre, Pas De Deux “Parite”, New Bolitan Dance, Spanish Dance, Fog, Death of the Swan, Mulan and so on. They interpreted the power of youth with their lithe and graceful moves. From classic ballet to modern ballet, they gave the audiences a taste of the charm of ballet and elicited enthusiastic applause.

Organized by the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance, "Introducing Classic Art into Campus" events aim to integrate elegant art into campus culture, to elevating students' taste for art, to enrich the cultural life of students, and to educate students with art in a hidden but influential way. The event led our students to pursue truth, goodness and beauty, so as to refine their aesthetic taste and cultural literacy.

(By Li Wanqiong, Tang Xuemei, Li Shuangshuang, Chen Yi, reporters of

The Propaganda Department of School Communist Youth League)

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